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            Professional Achievement Quality, Innovation Leads the Future
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            Chen Yan  Female  The twelfth CPPCC members of Haining City     Sector: overseas Chinese federation Mailbox:89339629@qq.com

            She employed in Zhejiang Kingsway High-Tech Fiber Co., Ltd. Hereby we set up CPPCC Mailbox to listen to the voice of the people. Welcome to reflect your comments and suggestions enthusiastically!

            Intelligence gathering

            The mailbox is open to opinions, suggestions, difficulties and problems of the mass at any time and it can proactively browse and search sources of information. These opinions and information will be turned into subject of the members to investigate and compose proposals and reflect people's livelihood and will be used in conference speaking, message reflection, proposal publish and other links.

            Confusion explanation

            CPPCC Mailbox helps to solve puzzles and questions in production and living. As to insolvable problems, you can reflect to the relevant departments or appeal to the higher authorities. It is beneficial to solving the grass-roots livelihood issues and reducing grass-roots factors of disharmony.

            Information accumulation

            CPPCC Mailbox can systematically save information, including proposal subject, work trend, picture, etc. of CPPCC members, to facilitate search, sorting and analysis. It is an electronic database gathering, collecting and storing personal information of CPPCC members.

            CPPCC publicity

            CPPCC Mailbox is a publicizing window, which can explain and propaganda relevant policies to the mass, to keep the mass informed of job nature and trend of CPPCC.

            Position expansion

            The establishment of personal on-line CPPCC Mailbox can promote the development of CPPCC cause and can enlarge influence on virtual society and net citizens.

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